Knowledge. Data. Relationships.

The three pillars at the heart of Briar Developments acquisition process. 
As innovators and sector leaders with previous brands we take all available acquisitions into consideration, exploring whether our current brands will align with a site or the development of a new brand is required.
Ensuring a complete understanding of the planning framework, using industry insight and data to make informed choices, and utilising community relationship management experience, Briar Developments pro-actively approach acquisition opportunities. 

Developing Relationships

We have forged close working relationships and agreements with Universities that provide a wealth of knowledge and allow us to cater to specific needs of the institution and it’s students.

Building Assurance

Supplier and partnership relationships are pivotal in the delivery of a successful scheme - we only work and will only ever work with suppliers that understand our vision, acknowledge our ambition and respect our deadlines.

Managing Communities

Meeting the needs of an area and aligning the correct brand to an acquisition will always be important to us when delivering schemes that become a long-standing part of the community. 

Our Requirements

We are growing.
If you know of an acquisition opportunity that suits our requirements outlined above, get in touch with a summary of the site and the relevant POC.
Let’s do business.

Past Projects